Jaxsun has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

JAXSUN: Jovial Jaxsun is the most playful of the orange and white tabby triplets, lovingly referred to as My Three Suns.  A good Samaritan rescued the triplets at the tender age of 6 weeks.  Since that time they have been raised in a loving foster home where there are plenty of other cats and large dogs running around.  Jaxsun was the first kitty to take a liking to his foster mom's two large dogs.  In fact, he shares a greater kinship with the dogs than he does with the foster family cats.  He even shows more interest in the dog's toy box than he does of the kitty toys.  Despite his love of dogs, Jaxsun is joined at the hip with his brothers.  Picture a game of keep away and he's the one in the middle.  He has high-energy that is matched with an equally sweet and loving spirit.  Toss him a jingle ball or a squeaky mouse and watch him play with sheer delight.  Carry him around from room to room and enjoy a serenade of soft purrs.  Jaxsun is longing to be matched with a family who can provide him with a safe and loving home!

Littermates:  Dawsun, Hudsun
Dawsun & Jaxsun
Dawsun & jaxsun