Dawsun has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

DAWSUN: Daring Dawsun is the most outgoing of the orange and white tabby triplets, lovingly referred to as My Three Suns.  A good Samaritan rescued the triplets at the tender age of 6 weeks.  Since that time they have been raised in a loving foster home where there are plenty of other cats and large dogs running around.  Dawsun was the first kitty to learn to trust the human touch.  It helped that he is very food motivated.  He's taken on the roll of protector with his brother Hudsun and competitor with his brother Jaxsun.  The three kitties are all very bonded, but if anyone could hold their own alone it would be Dawsun.  He's the extrovert, the chatty Charlie, the first one to greet you in the morning and the last one to quiet down at night.  His personality comes alive when he sees his human.  He literally races toward his foster mother first thing in the morning.  He enjoys a good cuddle, but if you're the busy type he'll make due with a few catnip toys, a feather wand, and pretty much anything that rolls.... especially a tennis ball, even if it belongs to the dog!  A word of caution, if you're like many working adults forced to work from home, you might want to shut the door to your office.  If Dawsun is in the mood to interact, he will meow... scratch that, he will SCREECH as loud and as long as it takes to get your attention.  I suggest you just give him what he wants so you can go about your day.  Dawsun can't wait to meet you, so fill out an application today!

Littermates:  Hudsun, Jaxsun
Dawsun & Jaxsun
Dawsun & Jaxsun