Patches is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

White White with tabby markings
4 months old

Pretty-as-a-picture Patches is as sweet and loving as she is beautiful! This darling girl just wants to be near you, but if that’s not possible, another foster kitty will be fine for hugs and playtimes! She’s a very happy, friendly girl who has also gotten along well with bigger cats, both small and large dogs, and with children. As good-natured and mellow as this sweetheart is, she will voice her displeasure at being closed in a confining space. Every kind of toy is her instant favorite, and even crunchy packing paper and empty boxes are opportunities for fun! If no lap is available when she’s ready to rest, she will tuck herself in cozily to even the smallest space, perfect for a nice little snooze! Her classically elegant black and bright white ensemble is sleek, polished, and easy-care, and accessorized with extravagantly large pink velvet ears! Such a lovable little beauty will be a beloved addition in a happy forever home of her own. Lovebug Patches hopes she’s the perfect jewel for you!

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