Dottie is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

14 weeks old

Adorable Dottie is a doll, from the dot of soft orange on top of her fuzzy wuzzy head to the tip of her velvety black tail! Everything about her is sweet, from her love of lively playtimes to her affectionate, snugglebug nature. She’s been happily fostered with three siblings she loves, plus bigger cats, and a small dog. Romps, races, and funny kitten adventures and explorations fill plenty of hours, and the little cutie carrying her favorite fuzzy mouse around will be this darling girl! Her lovely, soft-colored coat is dense and silky, with beautiful matching dark stripes on her pretty sleeves and a face that shines with her precious little smile! This perfect lovebug hopes you won’t be able to resist landing lots of sweet kisses on that brushstroke of warm gold on her sweet fuzzy head! Darling Dottie would love to be your perfect sweetheart!

Littermates:  Daffy, Dixie
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