Jimmy has been adopted!

Orange w/ white

Ginger-and-ivory Jimmy is a chatty little guy and an attentive listener too! His very agreeable attitude makes him a great companion, and his lively spirit of fun always keeps things happy and hopping! If he can wrap his velvety paws around it, he can make a plaything out of it! With his three much-loved, bouncy siblings, there’s always something to explore or a race to run, and he’s also been good with bigger cats and is great with dogs. With his perfect dark ginger tabby forehead “M” and cute little freckle on his nose, this classic little orange tabby imp is an irresistible cutie from his velvet nose to the tip of his perfectly ringed tail! He’s making his list of things to chat about and can’t wait to hear what you have to say! Could adorable Jimmy be the sweet new joy in your great forever family!

Littermates:  Bunny, Cleo, Morty