Xena has been adopted!


Long-legged, elegant Xena is equal parts little princess warrior and calm, serene, lap kitty. She has three high-spirited siblings who keep her springing happily through all their funny games and playtimes! This polished little beauty can easily hold her own in any tussle, but she also embraces quiet times. She love a nice nap in a warm spot, especially a cozy, welcoming lap and the sweet addition of ear scratches or a gentle tummy rub.  Her easy-care, cloud-soft coat is mostly marshmallow white with unique spots of black, a jaunty “beret” around her velvety right ear, and a beautiful, long  black tail with subtle white stripes. She’s a darling doll from her pouty pink smile to the tip of her tail! Could this loving and playful princess named Xena be the mellow little royal in your loving forever castle?

Xena and Butters