Alucard has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Flame Pt.

This sleek, soft, adventurous big boy is awesome Alucard! If there’s anything to explore or a high point in the room for observing everything, it will be on this curious and happy-spirited spunkmeister’s radar! He loves his sweet lookalike siblings, and every toy, game, romp or race has all three of them on the move! But when he’s tuckered out he will nestle his silky, pearly self lovingly in your lap,  to gaze at you with the most electrifying lake blue eyes, and fall cozily asleep! He likes his cat hammock too and all the adult cats and is learning to like the large breed cat-friendly dog. He’s a Hollywood-handsome photographer’s dream, but it’s his great, lively, lovable personality that will make him a beloved boy in a wonderful forever home that will treasure him. Darling Alucard hopes he’s the blue-eyed gem for you!

Littermates:  Ash, Azula
Alucard and Elizabeth