Arlo is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

4 months old

Brown tabbysaurus Otis is one of four itty bitty not-needles-in-a-haystack fluffballs who, indeed, were thankfully found in time alone in a haystack! This brother has the smoothest, sleekest striped coat and is the champion ping pong ball whacker! He’s also the chunkiest! All these dolls were lovingly bottle-fed, and the older cats and bigger kittens in their foster home also played a sweet, mothering role in their care. These irresistible cuties cozily and frequently cuddle up with each other and also with the other nurturing kitties and romp and race through endless happy, high-spirited playtimes! Because they’ve had so much human hands-on care, it’s no surprise that they are super affectionate and always hope you make time for cuddles and snuggles. They are also great with kids! What a joy they will be in forever homes as sweet as they are! Happy, loving, purropotamus Otis hopes he’s the perfect choice for you!

Littermates:  Bear, Coby, Daubie
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