Levi has been adopted!


If you have a string toy like feathers on a wand, low-pressure Levi has some leaps to show off! He’s also a great fan of tasty little cat treats and chicken in all its yummy forms! His needs are simple and so is his orange boy personality - happy to play, loves his three siblings, good with bigger cats, okay with small dogs, and close by and curious about whatever his people are doing. Being cuddled is a little too crowding, but ear scratches and petting are always a-okay with this companionable boy! He’s the truest classic in his dense, soft coat of tawny tabby orange with ginger stripes on his sleeves and forehead, and a peach velvet nose and pouty, sugar-dusted lips. If you want someone to lounge around with, playful, low-maintenance, chicken-loving Levi hopes he’s the perfect guy for you!

Littermates:  Miles, Molly, Silas