Miles RW

10 weeks old

Meet sweet Miles, a mild mannered, buff and cream cutie who loves toys or feathers dangled on a wand, jinglebell balls, romps with his brothers and sister, and cozy naps in a nice, warm spot. Even when it’s time to dine his needs are simple, a little treat now and then and a preference for chicken are as opinionated as this mellow sweetheart gets. He likes to be held, but he doesn’t demand it, and bigger cats and small dogs have been fine with him. With his fuzzy foxy ears and bunny-soft, silky, easy-care coat, he’s a darling little guy who is sure to be a gorgeous big guy some day. Easy to live with and easy to love Miles hopes he’s the companionable cutie who’s perfect for you!

Littermates:  Levi RW, Molly RW, Silas RW