Molly is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
10 weeks old

Meet little dolly Molly, a sweetheart who has a quiet elegance, a big heart, and an undemanding personality. She likes to be held but not squeezed and likes attention but isn’t needy. Such a down-to-earth attitude is probably the result of being the single sister with three lively brothers who all have easy, undemanding natures, but love playtime and each other. Like them, this pretty sweetheart does love to leap and swing at toys on a wand, is especially fond of chicken, and can’t resist a tasty kitty treat! She has also gotten along with bigger cats and small dogs. A beautiful, silky black and white ensemble has her always looking dressed for success, and success for this classic darling is loving, easy companionability, with very few strings attached! What a devoted and adorable addition lovely Molly will be in a home where she will be cherished. How about your home sweet home?

Littermates:  Levi, Miles, Silas
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