Domestic Short Hair

Lovable Leonard would sure like to be the velvety little housepanther stretched out next to you on the couch or the big bed. Being a snooze buddy is one of his special talents! But he’s a livewire too with his three Big Bang Theory named siblings who all hoot it up racing, climbing, leaping, chasing catnip toys, and bouncing and pouncing after the laser pointer. Every comical adventure and exploration is worthy of this happy sweetie’s big curiosity. No one likes the vacuum, but this cutiepie has been very good with kids. He’s also not thrilled to have his tummy tickled, tempting as it is, but you may find him sleeping, often with one or more siblings, in any available box until a space next to you becomes available! He’s a sleek and polished ebony gem with a flair for fun and a great capacity for affectionate companionship and will be an inky treasure in a secure and loving family. Could Leonard be the beloved boy for you?

Littermates:  Amy, Penny