Sage has been adopted!


“Sugar and spice and everything nice”, that’s what darling Sage is made of! This sweet beauty definitely looks like her mama’s daughter, with her pretty white ballet slippers and gold highlighted, multi-colored, silky coat! Her eyes are big and soulful and a bit greener than her mom’s. But unlike her mother, this little dolly loves to play with anything interesting and has done well with other cats, small dogs, and a small visiting niece, and of course her spunkier brother, Coriander! But her greatest joy is to be cuddled up in your arms or lap to be petted and have a sweet, cozy snooze! She’s a loving little darling, always beautifully attired, and always happy to play or snuggle or just be nearby, and will be a joyful addition in a forever family that will cherish her. Sweetheart Sage hopes she’s the perfect girl for you!

Mother: Rosemary
Littermate:  Coriander