Romeo is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

16 weeks old

Meet rascally and irresistible Romeo, a classic among kitties, an orange tabby boy! Fun and adventure define this super happy, good-natured tabbysaurus sweetie who can’t resist any toy, game, or exploration, and has two darling sisters who follow his every lead! It seems to be his mission in life to put a smile on everyone’s face with his silly, spunky, endearing shenanigans! It’s no surprise this friendly little imp gets along well with other kittens, bigger cats, dogs, and with children! He’s always handsomely dressed in a smooth, silky suit of sunny orange, with subtle stripes, sugar-dipped toes, a big white smile, and soft ivory highlights around his bright eyes! He’s happiness, fun, and love in a furry orange package, a perfect joy for a forever family that will cherish him! Who could resist a little Romeo as sweet as this?

Littermates:  Tiki, Tink
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