Lacy is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

4 months old

If there’s a nook or cranny to explore, darling Lacy will be first in line to search it out. A big curiosity is reflected in those big, beautiful peepers, and a fun-loving spirit keeps her dancing along on busy velvet toes! Her sweet sister Katy is her biggest partner in kitty crimes, but she has also enjoyed other kittens and bigger cats. She’s still warming up slowly to dogs and young children but does tolerate them somewhat. Her friendly personality makes it likely that they will also be her friends eventually. This sweetheart is a classic tortoiseshell girlie with a gorgeous bunny-soft coat of mixed dramatic colors liberally splashed with warm gold, especially her irresistible eyebrows! With her playful sweetness, comical curiosity, and gentle affection, she is sure to be a joy in a forever home where she will be a treasure. Adorable Lacy hopes she’s the precious jewel for you! 

Littermate:  Katy
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