Audrey has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Beautiful young momcat Audrey is a super sweet kitty. Her four darling babies had her undivided, nurturing attention, and she is now free to be a much-loved treasure in a great forever home of her own. She is easy to adore, a doll who loves to snuggle up cozily but also has a very playful side with all kinds of toys. She has gotten along with other cats but has not been around dogs. With her cuddlebug personality and happy spirit of fun, she is a plush and perfect delight! And she couldn’t be more silky-soft and elegant in her gorgeous, velvety coat of rich pearl gray. She’s beautiful, affectionate, and full of personality and will be a joy in many types of loving forever families. Adorable Audrey hopes she’s the precious lovebug for you!

Children:  Ava, Dasha, Sterling, Tippie