Dasha is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White White mustache
14 weeks old

Darling Dasha is a precious and petite carbon copy of her boisterous brother, Tippie, minus the racing stripe! Her marshmallow white ballet slippers prance and twirl through happy playtimes with her siblings who all know how to have a good time bouncing, pouncing, chasing, and racing! This sweet girly is a little adventuress who can’t resist exploring every nook and cranny, even ones that have been explored many times before! Her plush coat of dove gray is silky and luxurious and is accessorized by those beautiful feet and a big, milky white smile! Cheek rubs and nose boops are part of her affectionate, gentle, easy-going good nature. Could precious Dasha be the beloved new addition of fun and love in your forever family?

Mother: Audrey
Littermates:  Ava, Sterling, Tippie
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Questions about Dasha? Please call our Petco adoption center at (559) 222-0228 or e-mail petcoadoptions@cathouseonthekings.com