Tippie has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White White stripe down nose

Bouncy pouncy Tippie is the leader of the pack, and everyone in the pack loves him! His “twin” sister, who is a smaller version of him, knows he will always know how to have fun but will always keep it gentle. He also loves all the bigger cats and even likes to snuggle with the dogs! If you have the time and feel like having a little conversation, this happy sweetheart of a boy also loves to “talk” and proudly holds up his end of the conversation! He’s always a handsome and dapper little dude in his plush, soft coat of pewter gray with busy, velvet feet like four dancing marshmallows, and a racing stripe straight up his nose! He’s a dandy, happy, handsome, friendly guy who will light up the lives in the great forever home that welcomes him! Wonderful Tippie hopes he’s the winner for you!

Mother: Audrey
Littermates:  Ava, Dasha, Sterling