Kitten 20390*


Meet wonderful little Kitten 20390 whose Hollywood-beautiful face and big, happy personality are going to make her a joyful member of a lucky forever family! She is one of a rambunctious batch of six cutiepie siblings who rock ‘n’ roll like a tiny circus then collapse in a cozy cuddle puddle or welcoming laps to relax and recharge! Nose boops and cheeks rubs are among her specialties! Unlike her siblings, she likes to observe a little before diving into the fun or a new lap. Once she's comfortable (& that doesn't take long) She's all purrs and pounces from there! She’s cute-as-a-button now and promises to grow up to be a gorgeous, torbie girl! Along the way she will bring his fun-loving spirit and sweet affection to every day! Sweet kitten 20390 has her bags packed and can’t wait to meet you!

Littermate:  Kitten 20389