Speck is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Short Hair
White spot of left
14 weeks old

Speck is a special cutiepie, not because he may have some vision impairment, but because it’s almost impossible to tell! His personality is very gentle, and he purrs like a little motorboat as soon as you pick him up, readily falls asleep cozily in your lap, and his first choice at bedtime is a spot in your big bed with you! His livewire brothers and sisters are his constant playmates, and every kind of toy, whether it rolls, bounces, flies, or jingles, is a big hit over and over. His happy curiosity generates lots of funny kitten games and explorations, and he also seems to love bigger cats and has gotten along fine with small dogs. A cloud-soft coat of cottony white and the cutest, biggest pink velvet ears make this sweetheart a darling boy with a super loving and affectionate heart. A more joyful cuddlebug would be hard to find!  Could precious Speck be a beloved addition to your forever circle of love and fun?

Littermates:  Bear, Dora, Dottie, Skittles, Spot, Wooly
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Questions about Speck? Please call our Petco adoption center at (559) 222-0228 or e-mail petcoadoptions@cathouseonthekings.com