Skittles has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Sweet Skittles is like a delectable vanilla cupcake with perfect petal pink decorations! But she’s all spunky, loving fluffbug with six lively siblings who keep her hippity hopping through endless  high-energy kitten games and adventures. Every toy is an instant favorite, and her super friendly personality extends to other cats and to small dogs. She loves to be scooped up for cuddles and cozy naps in your lap and purrs her appreciation generously, and when it’s time for bed you’ll probably find her snuggling up in the big bed with you! This happy girl has beautiful sapphire eyes, a bunny-soft coat of marshmallow white, and perfect pink ears, nose, and smile. What a darling doll she is, fun-loving, affectionate, and adorable, a precious girl for a family that will treasure her. Irresistible Skittles hopes you choose her!

Littermates:  Bear, Dora, Dottie, Speck, Wooly