Wooly has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair
White Fluffy

Wonderful Wooly may be extra fluffy, but he’s all bold and boisterous boy in all the happy playtimes with his six brothers and sisters. He doesn’t shy away from any rough-and-tumble and romps and races like a champ! But he has a very soft, loving side too, purrs instantly, snuggles in to be cuddled and loved on, and will sleep in the big bed with you if he has a choice. This fuzzy wuzzy cutie is super friendly and out-going and seems to also love bigger cats and gets along with small dogs. Big rosie pink ears and soulful eyes add to his Hollywood-handsome cuteness. If a floofy spunkmeister with a big streak of lovebug sounds like a great boy for you, purrasaurus Wooly can’t wait to meet you!

Littermates:  Bear, Dora, Dottie, Skittles, Speck