Dora has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Sweet Dora is a jet black doll who loves to play, sit in your, lap, and sleep in the big bed with you! She has six spunky siblings who make playtimes lively, and every kind of toy and game is the best one ever! This very friendly girl also loves other cats and has gotten along with small dogs. In her sleek and polished suit of satiny black, she has the grace of a little ballerina as she leaps and pounces through the playtimes that she loves, then hopes you’ll scoop her up for hugs and cuddles while she purrs her sweet purr for you. Darling Dora is a classic beauty with a great spirit of love and fun and will be a pure delight in a home where she will be protected and adored. How about yours?!

Littermates:  Bear, Dottie, Skittles, Speck, Wooly