Midnight has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix

Like a deep night sky, inky black Midnight never loses his magnetism! His happy antics will always make you smile as he romps and rowdies and makes fun out of every little thing! His siblings are his spunky buddies, especially his beautiful sister, Sassy, who would make a great pair with this sweet character! He rolls on his back to bunny kick soft cloth toys and pops up like a Jack-in-the-box when the next thing captures his big curiosity and lively attention. He’s sweet with everyone and has gotten along fine with bigger cats. In his dark and dense, super soft coat, only his big, beautiful eyes can be seen! This dandy doll is sure to be a gorgeous big housepanther boy in no time, one who is deeply adored in a loving and secure forever family. Magnetic Midnight hopes his easy-going good nature, classic good looks, and lovable personality make him the perfect guy for you! Two precious sweethearts are twice the fun and love!

Littermates:  Ava, CJ, PJ, Sassy, Shadow