RWRocky Road

16 weeks old

Meet sweet and funny Rocky Road whose idea of great adventure is stalking errant flies! If he spots ‘em, he swats ‘em! No flies? No problem! Spring toys and empty boxes and bags work great too to keep this little spunkmeister happily romping and exploring! His best partner in crime is his identical sister, Cherry Garcia, who makes everything a high-spirited team sport! This great, friendly boy also gets along with other kittens, bigger cats, and a small dog. He has a dense and velvety coat of subtle stripes on a background of slate gray, and a Hollywood-handsome, white-highlighted face, lively, bright eyes, impressive whiskers, and a sugar-dipped chin! With his love of fun and easy affection, this little dandy is sure to light up the lives in a great forever home and grow to be their cherished big gorgeous guy! Could rollicking Rocky be the perfect boy for you?

Littermates:  Cherry Garcia, Vanilla Bean