Prince is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

13 weeks old

Purrbug Prince is also known as Peanut in his foster home because he’s just such a cutiepie! Playtimes with his darling siblings and the other fostermate kittens fill the busy parts of his day with plenty of romps, races, funny adventures, and sweet silliness! A little cloth toy mouse is this darling boy’s most favorite toy! He has enough independence that he can also entertain himself, and no nook or cranny escapes his close attention! He’s not as confident as one of his brothers and is shy of abrupt activity or boisterous people. A patient environment on the quiet side will be his first choice and best fit. But when this handsome and loving little guy trusts you, you have a devoted and happy companion forever! Such a tender-hearted, wide-eyed sweetheart will be a sweet addition in a gentle home that will cherish him. Precious Prince hopes he’s the purrfect boy for you!

Littermates:  Buddy, Shadow

Please note:

  • Prince is shy and needs a quiet home
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