Speckles's adoption is in progress!

W/ white
15 weeks old

What a special little treasure sweet Speckles is! She was discovered alone in the engine of a car and placed in a wonderful foster home where she has been a joy! This little doll is tiny but mighty and isn’t shy but is smart and careful, probably making up with brainpower what she doesn’t have in heft! She loves a full body petting, especially one that starts at her fuzzy wuzzy chin and goes all the way to the tip of her lovely tail! Expect her big, beautiful  purr to get even bigger then! High-spirited play with her foster brother, Tornado, and the other kittens, is a highlight through every day. And every kind of toy is an instant favorite! She is more cautious with the bigger cats but warms up once she feels safe.  Such a sweet lovebug will be a cherished addition in a great  forever home that will treasure her affection, happy spirit, and classic tabby girl beauty! Who can resist that darling one-of-a-kind speckled rosy nosy! Sugar-sweet Speckles would love to be your darling doll!