White with brown

Can-do Candace is a doll with own built in jet pack! She zips and zooms and zigs and zags her way through an endless string of comically adorable antics! Then it’s in for a smooth landing, preferably in a welcoming lap for cuddles and ear scratches and a cozy snooze! Her silky, short coat is as easy-care as this sweetheart is because absolutely nothing about her is high-maintenance! Her three darling siblings have been her ever ready playmates, but she also gets along fine with dogs and with small kids. A beautiful and alert little face is whimsically adored with a uniquely wide and perfect tabby “M” pointing to her big, velvety ears that hear all and miss nothing! This smart and happy little cookie will be a great joy in a loving forever family that will cherish and protect her. Could cutiepie Candace be the cotton and stripes sweetheart for you!

Littermates:  Bonita, Demi