Domestic Short Hair
White with black spots

Little spunkmeister Axel is full of high octane energy and kitten bravery! Not much stands in the way of his cutie having a happy time with his spirited siblings! Every toy, whether it can be rolled, squeaked, pounced on, or sent flying with a whack, keeps him hopping on his springy toes and then scouting for the next comical adventure! It looks like he even decided to boldly decorate his mostly cloud-white self by painting his long tail black and adding a jaunty little splash on his head! It’s a purrfect landing spot for kisses when he comes in for a landing! And this joyful sweetie’s big, soulful eyes will melt your heart and pave the way to a snuggle and chin scratch! Mission accomplished! This happy little rascal also likes dogs and kids! Could adorable Axel be the spark of fun and affection to bring light and laughter to your loving forever family?

Littermates:  Bonita, Demi