Donagy has been adopted!


The blue ribbon for Biggest Peepers belongs to adorable Donagy! But it’s his super playful and very loving personality that will win all the hearts in the sweet forever family that he deserves! He was found all by himself in a trailer park and has been a joy in his foster home where he’s been good with other kittens, bigger cats, dogs, and children! This silly sweetheart has never encountered a toy he didn’t like, is always trying to get the other cats to play, and is so laidback that he often sleeps flat on his back with his back legs stretched out! He’s brave, outgoing, and adventurous, and a handsome fellow too in his dense, plush tabby coat of softest buff with pale ivory stripes! Everything about this happy, affectionate boy keeps everyone around him laughing and smiling. Could this darling little dandy named Donagy be the great new delight in your loving forever family?