Punkin has been adopted!


Oh, so gorgeous Punkin is a super sweet and loving kitten. She was found alone, crying, starving, and thirsty and has absolutely flourished in her wonderful foster home. She loves her foster sister Fuzzy, gets along with the resident cats, and loves interactive play especially feathers on a stick! She is a big time snugglebug and likes to curl up on the big bed and sleep next to her humans. She likes to be "helpful" to her foster mom and will follow her around in case she needs any assistance. She is especially helpful at meal time when she likes to help ensure that every little crumb of food comes out of her can and into her dish! Punkin is super well adjusted and social. Her lovely purr and her soft, silky, stunningly beautiful calico coat made her foster mom think of autumn and Halloween, hence the name Punkin! This perfect cuddlebug is sure to be as cozy and snuggly as your favorite sweater and sweeter than any holiday treat! If someone is interested in adopting 2 babies, Punkin and her foster sister Fuzzy have really bonded. They would bring lots of joy and happiness to any home - a true double delight!