Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

Sammy is one of three adorable, lookalike black and white kittens found abandoned near a local Walmart. His big, soulful eyes are a perfect reflection of his very loving heart, and those impressive velvety ears don’t miss a thing! He can be cautious in new situations and with new people, but this happy-spirited little guy warms up in record time. He loves all kinds of toys, especially anything that rolls and soft cloth mice to bat and chase! He seems to have a preference for wet food and of course loves his brother and sister who look and think and play just like him! He has also gotten along with the bigger cats, dogs, and children in his foster home where there has been extra patience to help him overcome his earlier tendency to timidness. Now he needs a loving and patient family who will cherish his gentle nature, perfect markings, comical kitten antics, and companionable devotion. Could sweetheart Sammy be the lovable little treasure for you?