Tammy has been adopted!


Darling tabby Tammy is as loving and affectionate as she is a little dynamo at playtime! She’s the most petite of her bouncy, pouncy litter, but has the energy of a little athlete with the grace of a ballerina! Her classic brown tabby coat is brushed with soft gold on her velvety nose and fuzzy wuzzy ears, and a pouty, sugar-kissed mouth and big, luminous eyes make her a picture-perfect sweetheart. This doll’s days are full of lively romps and funny explorations, but at bedtime she will be the first one to find you in the big bed to snuggle in for the night! She has been fostered with bigger cats and two dogs, including a large lab, and is wisely cautious but not fearful. Great gifts often come in small packages, and this silky treasure is an example of the perfect gift, a darling girl, full of irresistible fun and affection, ready to bring her special sparkle to a loving forever family of her very own. Could precious Tammy be the little jewel for you?

Littermates:  Tara, Teddy, Tiffanie