Skipper has been adopted!


Sunny-spirited Skipper is a gem of a boy named for a famous U.S. Navy master diver who rose to that position in 1970 despite having had his left leg amputated in 1966. Like him, this sweet boy is missing his left hind leg, and absolutely nothing, including that, slows him down one bit or gets in the way of his big, fun-loving spirit! Every toy is his instant favorite and jinglebell balls and empty boxes are equally entertaining! He’s been around dogs and doesn’t run from them but does get a little cautious. He’s a handsome classic through and through from his velvety coat of coppery stripes to his kissable sweet face with the cutest little classic tabby “M” and sugary highlights! His affectionate nature, handsome good looks, and bouncy, buoyant personality will make him a joy in a forever home where he will be a beloved boy. Darling Skipper hopes you choose him!

Mother: Loretta
Littermate:  Rueben
Rueben and Skipper