Rueben is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

15 weeks old

Russet orange Rueben is as classic a kitty as there ever was - an orange tabby boy with the perfect stripes and markings to prove it! From his racing-striped, sugar-kissed face to his waves of gorgeous, rippling orange and ivory stripes, he is picture-perfect! This great little guy was named for Rueben James, the US Naval Hero of the First Barbary War, and his spunky, plucky personality lives up to his famous name! His lively siblings are his worthy playmates, and he even holds his ground with the family dog, even if it makes him a little nervous! He’s super sweet and loving, bunny-soft and fuzzy wuzzy, an irresistible combination that will make him a joy in a forever home where he will be a treasure. Could this lively, lovable little naval-hero-named sweetheart sail right into the hearts in your circle of love? Rueben is hoping to soon say, “Ahoy there! Permission to come aboard?”!

Mother: Loretta
Littermate:  Skipper
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