Kitten 20589 has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Meet this darling kitten.  He came to use with his littermates who have all found their furrevr homes! Just him & his sister now and now, they're all ready to go. Kitten 20589 has no trouble in new setting and meeting new people.  He really enjoys being the center of attention and walking around like he runs the joint. He doesn't mind being picked up one bit, once you scoop him up he shows you his strong sweet purr! He's curious and will follow you around, making sure he doesn't miss any opportunities for head or cheek scratches! This sweet boy does enjoy a good nap as much as he likes romping and rolling around, he loves to curl in a soft bed for some z's.  Kitten 20589 is really confident and he's so ready to be adopted.  Please apply today for this little cutie! He won't last long. Please note: kitten 20589 is not hypoallergenic and will not help with allergies in any way.