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Siamese Mix
Chocolate pt
3 years old

Mochi is a handsome Siamese cat with striking blue eyes that captivate anyone who meets him. His coat is a classic Siamese pattern, with a creamy body and darker points on his ears, face, paws, and tail.Mochi has had an adventurous journey from a playful fireball in his kitten days to a calm and affectionate adult. He adores cuddling sessions and is known for his intelligence — he can actually follow simple directions! Mochi is very friendly and gets along well with both cats and people. His gentle nature makes him a joy to have around.Mochi was returned through no fault of his own when his previous adopters had a new baby. He and his brother are looking for a loving home where they can receive the attention and care they deserve. They are quite bonded and would thrive in a home together, although they can be adopted separately if necessary.Mochi would do best in a home without small children, where he can enjoy a peaceful environment and plenty of affectionate interactions with his human companions. His adaptability and loving nature make him a wonderful addition to any household looking for a loyal feline friend.Despite his calm demeanor now, Mochi still retains a playful streak and enjoys the occasional game of chase or interactive toy session.

Littermates:  Kitten 20588 (Zoey), Kitten 20589, Kitten 20590 (Zena), Kitten 20592
Buddy: Baloo

Please note:

  • Mochi is shown as a Siamese Mix based solely on his appearance. We rarely take in purebred animals, so virtually all of them are a mix of several breeds. Do not make an adoption decision based only on our breed designation, especially if you are concerned about allergies.
  • Mochi needs a home with no young children.
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