Luke is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White
6 months old

Meet lookalike lovebugs Luke, Leia, and their handsome black brother, Finn, who are always surrounded by the forces of love and together make every day a happy, lively mission to seek out kitten adventures and promote the goodness in their world! With their sweet, loving, easy personalities, no light sabers are needed and every toy is a favorite! They are light on their velvety toes, quick in every situation, and extend their friendship even to bigger cats and to the Forces of Dog! When the scouting and surveillance, and exercise wind down for a nap or the night, they will come in for a soft, fuzzy landing on or near you, bringing their big purrs with them!  And when they wake up, the force will be with them, to bring you a galaxy of endearing fun and deep affection! Could Luke, Leia, or Finn or all of them!!! be the adorable Alliance in your loving forever world?

Littermates:  Finn, Leia
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