Cole is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Russian Blue Mix / Maine Coon Mix
12 weeks old

Cole was the last of his picture-perfect litter found outdoors alone. He has come a long way, can still be a little shy but will warm up in his own time and will adjust to a new, loving environment. Loud or strange noises may make him hide temporarily until he feels safe. Once you win him over, he is a total sweetheart. He is gentle and likes to sit on your lap to petted and talked to. He plays happily with his sweet siblings, and loves to climb to the top of the cat tree or watch the world from the window. He cant resist tryI get to catch flies and chatters excitedly when he sees them. This adorable little guy is always handsomely attired in his dense, cloud-soft coat of beautiful blued gray with big soulful eyes that perfectly reflected his special personality. Could Precious Cole be the beloved boy for you? Cole should be adopted with his best friend Fiona.

Littermates:  Greyson, Haylee

Please note:

  • Cole is shown as a Russian Blue Mix / Maine Coon Mix / Maine Coon Mix based solely on his appearance. We rarely take in purebred animals, so virtually all of them are a mix of several breeds. Do not make an adoption decision based only on our breed designation, especially if you are concerned about allergies.
  • Cole should be adopted with his best friend
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