Siamese Mix

This is lovable and luxurious Elsa, a sapphire-eyed bundle of energetic joy! With the help of her darling sister, toys and games and comical kitten adventures fill the days with happy hijinks! She’s usually the designated team captain and never misses an opportunity to use her big curiosity to keep the fun rolling! When playtime winds down they can often be found cuddled together for a cozy snooze. An easy-going personality makes her friendly and always appreciative of any sweet attention from head and ear scratches to naps in a welcoming lap. She has a super soft, dense coat of luxurious ivory, stunning dark highlights, and a long, beautiful dark tail. Jewel-like blue eyes make this darling doll the picture of perfection! Such a happy spirit, great beauty, and sweet, friendly nature will make her a joy in a forever home as wonderful as she is. Effervescent Elsa hopes she’s the gem for you!

Littermates:  Grayson, SkippyJon