Fancy has been adopted!


Fluffbug Fancy is a calico cutie with a big, happy purr to match her big, lovable purrsonality! She’s a one-of-a-kind beauty in her classic coat of many colors with the sweetest little gold crown marking on her fuzzy wuzzy forehead, just right for this jewel of a girl! Her super playful spirit makes her a great playmate to the siblings she loves, and she’s also good with bigger cats and with dogs and with children. Romps and races and funny little adventures keep things busy and fun. She loves people too and soaks up every bit of sweet attention that comes her way and turns on that great purr the instant you touch her! This darling doll is sure to bring an irresistible sparkle to a family as wonderful as she is. Could fun-loving and deeply affectionate Fancy be the sweetie pie purrbug for you?

Littermates:  Liam, Libra, Lilly, Muffin, Puff, Whispers