Whispers has been adopted!

Dilute Calico

This is sweet calico Whispers, a classic beauty in her cloud-soft patchwork coat of watercolor patches. She’s a confident cutie who loves a great playtime with every kind of toy whether is rolls, bounces, flies, or crunches! Not much gets past this alert little smartypants who gets along with other kittens, bigger cats, dogs, and children. She can’t resist an opportunity for fun, but is also independent enough to entertain herself. When the busy activities wind down she settles down cozily and loves to have her snow white, bunny-soft belly rubbed! What a wonderful addition this pretty, companionable sweetheart will be with her easy, joyful spirit and love of belly rubs! Could adorable Whispers be the perfect doll for your loving forever family?

Littermates:  Fancy, Liam, Libra, Lilly, Muffin, Puff