Liam has been adopted!

Siamese Mix / LaPerm
lynx pt

What a dandy darling lovable Liam is, from his goofy sense of fun to his love of his people’s affection! He’s a rascally, boisterous playmate to his cutiepie sister and especially with his foster brother from another mother, Mikey. Racing and wrestling and chasing anything that rolls make for great ways to light up every day, but he always knows to play with soft paws when his playmates are his humans! With his high energy he would love to be adopted into a forever family with kitten or playful cat siblings. This spunky little guy is super handsome in his coat of softest, silkiest pale fawn with watercolor lynx point highlights and bright and lively blue topaz eyes that he’ll laser focus on you if your lap is available! He’s all bouncing boy and ready to light up the lives in a great home that will treasure his big fun and easy affection. Loveable livewire  Liam hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Fancy, Libra, Lilly, Muffin, Puff, Whispers