Lilly has been adopted!

Siamese Mix / Ragdoll

Fluffbug Lily is a picture-perfect little beauty with sky blue eyes and soft, floofy ragdoll markings. She started out small and delicate but has grown quickly into a strong, independent kitten who is sensibly cautious in new situations but turns on her lovely purr once she is comfortable. This sweetheart can often be found lounging happily on a pile of pillows like a pretty, fluffy princess watching whatever activity she finds entertaining. While she’s a happy playmate with her siblings and likes jinglebell balls and soft cloth mice to bat, she would also be quite content as an only cat to bond deeply with her humans and soak up all the love and attention! She has been fostered with other cats and a dog and and a very active 6 year old child and is still somewhat hesitate and shows no interest in the resident dog. Such sweetness and beauty will endear her to a forever family that will cherish her. Could a loving little princess named Lily be the perfect touch of royalty for you?

Littermates:  Fancy, Liam, Libra, Muffin, Puff, Whispers