Dragonfly has been adopted!

Siamese Mix / Snowshoe

Meet darling Dragonfly whose coat of extra fuzzy marshmallow white is the silkiest and whose wonderful purr is the loveliest! But this sweetheart also can’t resist a great playtime and has two precious siblings and several bigger cats who join him in lots of happy, lively playtimes. He loves bouncy springs, anything that rolls, empty shoes, and boxes to explore and hop in and out of. He hasn’t yet been around any dogs or children. His affectionate personality will have him looking for attention and the petting and head scratches that he loves to get, accompanied by his wonderful, generous purr! When he gazes at you with with his gorgeous glacier blue eyes, a comfy rest with this sweet boy cozied up in your lap suddenly seem feel like the purrfect idea! If an extra fluffy, bunny-soft purrasaurus boy sounds like the doll you’ve been waiting for, dandy and delightful Dragonfly can’t wait to meet you!

Littermates:  Bumblebee, Butterfly