Baby has been adopted!

Dilute Calico

Baby is a snuggly, friendly, playful, out-going, lovebug, and great conversationalist! She’s a beautiful little work of art in her one-of-a-kind coat of black and white with brushstrokes of rich molten gold, a classic Calico sweetheart who loves to romp and play with her sweet siblings, chasing anything that rolls, batting soft cloth toys, and exploring every nook and cranny for new and exciting finds! Cozying up for cuddles and conversation is the perfect way to relax for this loving little darling. She’s a beauty who enjoys everyone she meets, is as happy and companionable as a kitty can be, and will be a precious addition in a home that will treasure  her. Adorable Baby hopes she’s the cuddlebug bundle of sweetness for you!

Littermates:  Angel Girl, S’mores