Sunflower has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

One of our most wonderful fosters reports being followed around the house by the cutest single-file parade of five fluffbug sisters as delightful as they are beautiful! Sunflower is one of those adorable little girls, a blue-ribbon, blue-eyed, bouncy bundle of silky softness and affection. The instant you scoop this darling doll up she begins to purr, and staying nearby her people is her most favorite thing. But in a cutiepie quintet of sisters fun and playtimes pop up easily, and favorite toys include springs, bags, boxes, things that crinkle, and her spritely siblings! Her big curiosity makes snooping fun too, and happiness is exploring the same nooks and crannies over and over! She has not been exposed to dogs or children. This sweetheart has a luxurious, latte-colored coat, beautifully highlighted with soft blue-gray, and gorgeous eyes the magical blue of deep waters. The classic beauty and devotion of a meezer mix kitty assure that precious Sunflower will be a centerpiece of joy in a forever home that will love and treasure her. How about yours!

Littermates:  Sassafras, Snowpea, Souffle, Spumoni