Pepper Jack has been adopted!


Meet sweet P.J., short for Pepper Jack, one of five cheese-named dolls ready to find their place in loving, forever hearts! This adorable boy loves cozy snuggles best of all and readily falls asleep in a welcoming lap. When he wakes up expect a little conversation because he’s a talker who seems to have things to report after a snooze. Maybe he’s recounting a favorite dream! This doll knows his name too and comes galloping when he hears it and also when meals are served! He’s also happy to tidy up any morsels left by his fellow diners! Playtimes are a highlight of every day, and sister Mozzy and brother Colby are his favorite sibs. He has also been fostered with bigger cats, one little and one big dog, and an older child. He’s a classic tabby boy in a silky suit of soft spots and stripes and a big sugary smile perfect for such a sweet guy! Could deeply affectionate and happy-spirited P.J. be your great forever treasure?

Littermates:  Brie, Colby, Gouda, Mozzy