Mozzy has been adopted!


Sweetest-of-the-pack Mozzy is all polka dots on her underside and soft stripes on her topside and adorable through and through! She is one of five darling cheese-named siblings who are all irresistible, but her foster mom says this little dolly “has the sweetest demeanor, puts up with all the kisses and hugs that come her way, and is endlessly warm-hearted and snuggly like a little ragdoll in your arms”! She loves her brothers and sisters and is hard to tell apart from her twin brother Colby, and high-spirited romps and games keep them all dancing happily on their busy, velvet feet! Every toy is a favorite, and even empty boxes are fun! She’s a classically soft, silky, dove gray striped tabby darling and will bring immeasurable sweetness and joy to a family that will adore her. Marvelous Mozzie would love to be your beloved sweetheart!

Littermates:  Brie, Colby, Gouda, Pepper Jack