Brie has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair / Maine Coon Mix
Gray and White

Five little fluff balls were placed in a foster home that must have been in a cheesy mood, since they’re all named for cheeses! This darling doll is Brie, a perfect little lady who looks a bit snooty but is, in fact, just taking an extra moment to wisely survey whatever is going on. Her independent spirit makes her great at finding things to entertain herself when she and her siblings aren’t hooting it up in one of their many high-spirited playtimes. When she is comfortable with you, she’s a pure snugglebug, burrowing in for affection in her beautiful, extra fluffy coat of elegant grays and cottony white. Her silky ears are irresistibly fuzzy wuzzy, and her dove gray mask is one-of-a-kind and perfectly complements her rosie pink nosie! Regular brushing will keep this little beauty glossy and polished. She has been happily fostered with kittens, other cats, one big and one little dog, and an older child. Fluffbug Brie would love to be your beloved girlie! 

Littermates:  Colby, Gouda, Mozzy, Pepper Jack